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Happy 5th Birthday @Filmcourage! The Top Article and Video Posts Since Film Courage’s 2009 Beginning

What initially began as a fill-in spot for a fellow actor’s missed radio interview opportunity in 2009, blossomed into a collection of podcasts, articles and video interviews. A look back at Film Courage’s first steps and the top all-time videos and articles via http://www.filmcourage.com/. More video interviews at https://www.youtube.com/user/filmcourage

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Off-grid & generator-powered, historic Middlegate, NV is threatened by rising diesel costs—an omen of America’s fuel-dependent future

This documentary, tentatively titled The Last Roadhouse, will follow Middlegate’s journey to install solar and will raise questions about the future of energy in America. Finding renewable sources of energy, curbing pollution caused by fuel emissions, and reducing our dependency on oil are the seminal challenges of our time. Funding for such measures, especially in…


“I Remember Thinking” says Filmmaker @DannyCorey “I Want to Tell this Guy’s Story” on SignSpinner @JohnnyAarrow

“At that time in my life, I felt shackled to my responsibilities, and a rush of envy swelled inside me when I saw him. This guy is alive, I thought. For me, an East Coast boy, he represented everything I imagined about the Wild West—a sun-soaked, hardworking renegade living his dream.” writes filmmaker Danny Corey…