Stopping A Screenplay On Page 60 by Mark Sanderson

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage: What’s the most amount of time you’ve spent
on a screenplay?

Mark Sanderson, Screenwriter/Author: The most amount of time? Boy those are years ago, not a lot of time now. But I think it would be my fifth spec and only because I stopped on page 60 and that was because of a personal tragedy and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to go back to it because I felt guilty about not going through my grief. Someone passed away and it took me probably six or eight months of being stopped on page 60 to go back and finish that first draft. I had good momentum and then I was knocked out and couldn’t focus.

But that experience worked its way into the script because there was loss in the screenplay as well. It really found its way in there in the successive drafts after that (not in the first obviously because it was 60 pages) but it was upon the other drafts.

I think that would have taken the longest time but I don’t know? From writing assignments because there’s a schedule, I really like to get a script done in obviously the time that the contract states, but just as in my own spec too. I don’t want to work on it for years. I want to have something available and do successive drafts and then have something to be like Okay this is the one that at least that I can show people.

I would say three pages a day is a feature in a month. Easy, it’s very doable and people say Oh I worked on the script for a year, again you can…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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