This Character Is Often The Story Goal by CSUN Professor Eric Edson [Screenwriting Masterclass]

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Eric Edson, CSUN Professor and Author: One last one…The Endangered Innocent. As I was pointing out earlier, I was talking about the wives of the astronauts. That’s their function, they are Endangered Innocents. They are the story goal, they are the ones that need to be saved and that is a story goal, too. And they are in imminent danger of death or loss and the stakes have to be nothing less as high as stakes can be for whatever story you are telling and it can be one person or a group…(Watch the video class here on Youtube).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

In the first two weeks of the Fall semester, California State University, Northridge screenwriting professor Eric Edson presents PowerPoint lessons to the entering first year grad MFA class. He begins with the Hero Goal Sequences story structure paradigm. Here is an inside look at a portion of the lecture.


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