Biggest Screenwriting Mistakes I’ve Made Over The Years – Jason Satterlund

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage: What mistakes have you made with the screenwriting process and how have you corrected them?

Jason Satterlund, Filmmaker: I’d say the biggest mistake for me is poorly taking criticism. I think one of the hardest things to do especially when you are writing a story that is close to you is fighting back against someone who is trying to give you a critique or getting angry about it or whatever. It’s really hard to step back professionally. I mean professionals who do this are used to that but early on especially I really had a hard time with that.

I think we all just assume we are all geniuses, most of us aren’t. That’s a big one and it’s still sometimes hard. It might take me a minute to Wheh! I had a friend of mine tell me that if I am ever in a position where I have to explain to you what my story is about after you have read the script then I have failed. You should get it from the script. If they are not getting it then that is a problem, you need to fix it. “I don’t understand why she says this?” If you have to explain it, you need to rewrite the scene because what are you going to do? Sit there when the movie is going in the theater So she is doing this… No, that doesn’t…you’ve got to fix it.

I would write things that are say comedy…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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