How To Interrogate A Character - Mark W. Travis

Mark W Travis How To Interrogate Character
Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage: You also have an interrogation process for writers with The Travis Technique and it’s entitled Meet Your Characters?

Mark W. Travis, Director/Author/Writer/Instructor: That’s part of it. You started out saying interrogation process for writers which with a lot of techniques within that and the interrogation process just to be clear about what it is is actually interrogating a character who lives inside an actor or an individual.

This interrogation process which can ignite characters inside the actors we use this with writers and we show writers how to do this to actually meet their characters either after they’ve written, while they are writing the screenplay, often we have done it even if we have an idea for a screenplay and we get a call and say “I’d like to meet your character. Can you help me meet the characters that I have?” The writer will then describe to us (Elsha and I) here is the story, here are the characters. We say fine, we gather together some actors who are very skilled actors who we have worked with before.

What we will do with these actors is we will give them (along with the writer’s understanding of what we are doing) a certain amount of information about these characters. Sometimes it is very little information, sometimes it’s a lot of information. It all depends on how well the writer has gone, how far they have gone in the development of the characters. We will interrogate these actors as these characters. So we will turn these actors into these characters (that’s the intent) and then we will put these characters together…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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